Online Membership Renewal

Renewing your membership online is straightforward and uses the Beacon system (which is the u3a movement’s integrated membership and mailing system). You will be taken to their renewals page if you click the link at the bottom of the page. Please review the following information first.


This scheme allows Fairford and District u3a, as a registered charity, to re-claim income and/or capital gains tax on the subscriptions paid by those members who pay either of these taxes. If you are eligible and feel able to, please tick the box on the online renewals application form (when you reach it) as it provides us with a significant increase to our income without affecting what you pay.


This magazine is included in your membership and is sent four times per year. The Third Age Trust is the national organisation to which all U3As are affiliated and they are responsible for its distribution. If you do not wish to provide them with your contact details you may opt out of receiving it by contacting the membership secretary at any time.


So that you can be kept informed about events and activities that are offered as part of your membership, we require you to provide some personal information, such as your local address and email address. You may also wish to register to use the Members Area of our webpages. In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have policies on Data Protection and Data Privacy, which are set out on our website here, and which provide information about how we store and use your personal information. You are required to accept these terms before joining or renewing your membership. Once accepted, you will be taken to our u3a member Portal page.


Reading the following notes carefully should help you understand the procedure needed this year to renew your membership online. You will be taken to the Beacon renewals page when you click the link at the bottom of the page. The Beacon membership system is controlled by the National u3a movement and is unrelated to the operation of the Fairford and District u3a website so, if you have logins to both systems, be aware that your passwords and login details may well differ.


The renewals process is straightforward but different from last year. The aim is that ON FUTURE OCCASIONS you will just login to the u3a Beacon membership page with your email address and a password. However this needs to be set up now. Please read the following instructions carefully (and collect together all the information you will need at Step 2) before clicking on the button to be transferred to our on-line renewal site.

Step 1 – Register new account

Click on ‘Register for a membership account’. Do not start with the email/password section unless you have previously completed steps 1-4.

Step 2 – Complete all details

Fill in all 5 items. Take care – these must exactly match those already held by Beacon. You should have received your membership number and other information in an email. POSTCODES: use a space in the middle and there should be no spaces at the end. Otherwise, an error message appears (only briefly) in red

Step 3 – Create Password

Create a password according to the requirements given. Click on ‘Update Account’ at the bottom of the screen

Step 4 – Confirm your account

You should receive an email within a few minutes. This contains a link for you to click on which is valid for ONE HOUR only. Click on the link to complete setting up your account.

If you miss the time limit, you will need to start again at Step 1, except this time you should enter your email and click the forgotten password link.

Step 5 – Login to the Portal

You should be faced with the screen from step 1 again. This time (and on all subsequent occasions), complete the form with your email address and the password that you chose.

Step 6 – Renew membership

Choose the option to ‘Renew your membership’ and follow the instructions to ‘Continue to Paypal’.

Terms of Membership*

    If you have any problems, please use the ‘Contacts’ menu or contact the Membership Secretary.

    Updated 19 December 2023