Monthly Meetings

We hold a meeting with refreshments and a speaker, free for all members, in the Palmer Hall on the first Tuesday of each month except August. The doors open at 2pm and the meeting starts at 2.30pm.

A report on each month’s talk is published in the newsletter.

Next Meeting

Tuesday 2 April 2024 Al Sylvester MBE – Antarctica, Southern Reach

Al Sylvester MBE is an outstanding inspirational speaker renown for his exceptional leadership and motivational skills that he has utilised while leading the Royal Air Force’s first unsupported attempt on the South Pole and as a Team Leader within the RAF’s Mountain Rescue Service where he was actively involved with over 400 operational rescues. He dynamically uses his in depth experience to provide stimulating presentations to help you stretch your thoughts on the comparative skills of team building, leadership styles and the mental resilience required to succeed in extreme hostile and arduous environments.

His talk is an epic tale of leading the RAF’s first unsupported attempt on the Geographic South Pole. Al describes how he selected and trained his team to survive in tents on Antarctica, while skiing unsupported the 600 nautical miles to the bottom of the earth. His heart on sleeve personal account of the day to day living on the ice, living on dried food, toilet drills to skiing in temperatures of – 45 degrees, leave you with no doubt that Antarctica is one of the most beautiful but most hostile locations in the world. He concludes his presentation by reliving the effects that frostbite had on him and the mental resilience and determination he displayed to recover, to once again lead others to fulfil their dreams.

Forthcoming Meetings (Provisional)

Tuesday 7 May 2024. Hilarious Hats – Alexandra Stanbrook
Tuesday 4 June 2024 Nathalie Mignotte Gardens of the Sun King – Versailles
Tuesday 2 July 2024 Patrick Howell Travels
Tuesday 2 September 2024 Mike Stone Life, Death and Resurrection of Pompeii
Tuesday 1 October 2024 Stewart Linford The Windsor Chair

Previous Meetings

Tuesday 5 March 2024. Robin Burton – Traditional Music and Song
Tuesday 5 February 2024. Wayne Newport on Pantomime.
Tuesday 9th January 2024. Ken Brightwell on Growing Up in a Cotswold Town.
Tuesday 5 December 2023. All I Need is The Air That I Breathe. Pete Morris
Tuesday 7 November 2023. A passion for Climbing Mike Burbage
Tuesday 3 October 2023 Travels in Lithuania with Geoff and Hope Price
Tuesday 5 September 2023. Anthony Gerrard on the Work of the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).
Tuesday 4 July 2023. Nicole Beebee on the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity
Tuesday 6 June 2023. Rob and Cathryn Wilcock on the Winchcombe Meteorite
Tuesday 2 May 2023. Ian Macintosh from the Stroud Textile Trust
Tuesday 4 April 2023. Johanna Tordoff on the Amazing Honey Bee
Tuesday 7 March 2023. Angela Dunsby on the Art of Taxidermy

Updated 27 February 2024