Ownership Handover

There are two areas for Ownership Handover, the first is the WordPress website and the second is IONOS hosting.


Note these changes will need to be done in both websites, live and the clone s230308.

Administration Email Address

The Administration Email Address is currently set to doug.crowley@fairfordu3a.org.uk, change this to one of your choice. Goto Setting – General Settings, fifth entry down. This email address is used by the backup plugin to send the daily report.

Administration Ownership Details

In Users, find the page for the Admin user (see password protected file). Change

First Name, Last Name, Address1, Post Code and then Update Profile


Login, goto My Account and Logout – top right head and shoulders icon click and then select Profile Details 

Login, and select My Account, Display Customer Data (on the right) edit and save all three panels.

Please don’t change either the WordPress admin login details or the IONOS login details otherwise help cannot be provided!

Updated 31st March 2023