New Members and Membership Information


You will need administrator privileges to access the users of the website. You can either search for a particular user by username, email address or surname. There is also a list of unactivated users. These are all the scam requests – DO NOT activate them! They are only trying to gain access to steal user information. If there is a new genuine user the name will appear here.

If you have a genuine request – but see below – select the username to display their details and click on Activate.

New Members – Genuine or Scam

The first thing you will know about a potential new user is the response email from their request for membership. There are two versions of this – a genuine request or a scam. It is usually very easy to spot the scam. Before activating a membership request please check that the request comes from a current member of Fairford u3a by checking the Beacon database. Please ignore any scam request! To find the new member, select Users, Pending Activation and search using their username. Click Activate if you are sure they are a new member!.

The email address for the new user request is set in up in SettingsWP-Members Options, scroll down to Other Settings, third item Notify Admin.

Updated 24th March 2023