There are atleast three possible illegal entry routes to the WordPress website:

1. Accessing the Admin Area directly. This route has, hopefully, been cutoff by requiring a username and password to access the admin directory. The username and password have been given earlier in a password protected Word document. The password for the Admin area is a computer generated one so should be difficult to guess!

2. User Registration. Using the Login facility on the website. Invalid data can be entered here. Only activate these requests if the user is a current member of the Fairford Beacon website. If an IP Address is given in the reply enter this into the BlackList held by the Loginizer plugin. The IP Address can be checked for originating location using IP Location

3. Admin attacks There are number of hackers who attempt to guess the admin username. Even if they do the password is another computer generated one so they should hopefully not be able to gain access. If Simple History is viewed, these will be shown and with the listing will be the IP Address. Here again this is Blacklisted! To increase the chance of blacklisting, use the full range by substituting 0 for the From and 255 for To when specifying the range.

Updated 29th March 2023